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Are you a person with breast cancer who would like to apply for support?

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide support and hope to people in our communities struggling with Breast Cancer through financial assistance, education and informational resources.

Donate to EYS

Embrace Your Sisters is a
non-profit organization providing financial support to people with breast cancer in the Finger Lakes Region. You can get involved by making a donation.​

Get Involved

The donation of your time makes a huge impact on the lives of others in need. Since 100% of funds raised are donated to individuals in need, Embrace Your Sisters relies on the support of individuals like you.

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How We Help

"Thank you from my heart for all the kindness you have shown me.  I have lost so much hearing due to chemotherapy that a hearing aid is imperative to my quality of life.  Thank you again for your generosity."

EYS Recipient

“Thank you so much for working with me to receive financial aid. It was a life-saver and couldn’t have come at a better time. I have been overwhelmed by the niceness of strangers. See, something good came with a difficult situation”

EYS Recipient

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