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In 2006 when one of the Co-Founders of Embrace Your Sisters (EYS) found themselves diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time- she, her family and friends knew her expenses were going to be enormous while fighting this.
While planning a fundraiser, they realized they could help others going through this and EYS was born!
Extra funds from a chicken BBQ fundraiser in Ionia, NY and many hours later, EYS became a 501c3 not for profit.
Embrace Your Sisters continues to grow every year with the help and support of our local communities.

EYS Founders: Alisha Cessna, Chrisann Philipson, Lisa Cessna, Daisie Stanley, Judy Philipson- Raffard


Chrisann Philipson, one of our 5 founders lost her battle with breast cancer April 29, 2016. She was the inspiration for the founding of Embrace Your Sisters. It was because of her financial struggles, while being treated for breast cancer, her friends and sister realized this need was real.


A person going through breast cancer treatment should not have to choose, to either pay for a treatment or pay for housing or other necessities. She had a great heart that touched many in the community and will be missed by all.

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