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"Thank you from my heart for all the kindness you have shown me.  I have lost so much hearing due to chemotherapy that a hearing aid is imperative to my quality of life.  Thank you again for your generosity." -EYS Recipient

“I am self-employed and a single parent. Knowing I had to face surgery and now chemotherapy, I did not know how I’d be able to reduce my stress to recover. I did not know how I’d pay my bills, if I could not work. Knowing that there was a group like yours to apply to, helped me hope. I so appreciate the grant. It has helped me breathe easier. I have done better after surgery than I thought I could. Your help with the rent and all truly helped me. It’s appreciated more than you know. Thank you for being there”
-EYS Recipient

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did in my time of need! I am humbled. You took a weight off me that is indescribable and freeing!!” -EYS Recipient

“Today is my birthday and I have just paid my rent for February (with a pink check). Thank you so very much. It made it nice today to know that I was able to pay the rent. Your kindness and thoughtfulness is truly appreciated” -

EYS Recipient

“I want to thank you for all the wonderful help your organization has given to me. The holiday season, when friends and family get together, makes life and health such an important part of what really matters. Embrace Your Sisters has been such a great support to me. Happy Holidays to all, and thank you for helping me so that I can enjoy the love that surrounds me.”

-EYS Recipient

“Thank you so much for working with me to receive financial aid. It was a life-saver and couldn’t have come at a better time. I have been overwhelmed by the niceness of strangers. See, something good came with a difficult situation” -EYS Recipient

“Thank you so much for once again helping me with my expenses. It’s been a long struggle for me with my cancer.” -EYS Recipient

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